Content Creators Rejoice, Benny Has Arrived

While editing in WordPress have you ever wished your text options tool bar would stay put.  Well guess what… WordPress 4.0 brings some of the features you wish you had but maybe never realized it.

Benny is all about under the hood with more much needed adjustments to the wordpress editing experience for us creators.


Benny Goodman was an American Jazz Swing musician.  For a little historical reference:

[box type=”info”] WordPress core developers share a love of jazz music, and since WordPress 1.0 all major releases are named in honor of jazz musicians they admire.[/box]

I already enjoy the wordpress editing experience as it is but now that they’re really brining more focused improvements to the content creation interface it’s starting to blow my mind.

Here A List of the Major Changes You’ll Notice:

  • Editor & Publishing Options Stays Put!
  • Live Editor Preview for Embedded Media (like Youtube Videos)
  • Enhanced Media Library Management Experience

The changes they made to the Editor Publishing Toolbar so it would stay put was much needed.  Nuff Said.

The Media library was pretty awesome already but they must have a new UI design team over there because they’ve been hitting home runs with so many of the interface tweaks they’ve made in the past few updates.

If you’ll recall the Smith Update from this past April gave us that cool “drag to resize” feature for images in the visual editor.  Everyone has been waiting for that since forever. But the mosaic gallery preview in the visual editor never worked.  I don’t know why.  I’m sure they’ll get that right some day.  Could be because that’s a feature of Jetpack and not core wordpress.

These tweak are very UI centered and for the content creators at that, relieving us of small frustrations while we’re caught up typing like fiends & building our masterpieces (or disasters).

A Note for Website Administrators:

My biggest concern.  Code Bloat.  While all the new features are cool, I have concerns about new features just piling on adding additional stress to my servers.

  • Admins Get A Completely Re-Designed Plugin Browser & Gallery Interface.  A Much Needed Overhaul!

I haven’t updated all the sites on my networks because I’m waiting for a few plugins to have official compatability posted for the new version but I’m very excited to really start working with Benny.

Grrr.. come on!  update the plugins already.

WordPress 3.9.2 Smith Udpates

Clients are enjoying a whole new editing experience with the new WordPress 3.9.2 update titled “Smith”.

The focus of the latest update by the team at WordPress was to bridge the gap between the experience you have editing your article while creating content and the look and feel of the article while on your site. Many content management systems suffer from this downfall, especially the content management systems that don’t utilize what we developers call “in-line editing”. In my personal experience the editors that do give reasonable displays of content are “saftey” creation tools for beginners and lack the real power of a true creational interface. That causes a problem because that power is the exact thing most businesses that are serious about online publishing really need.

It’s good to see the team at Automatic is working toward bridging the gap within a professional publishing environment. One of the many reasons wordpress is king.

This quick video highlights some of the new functionality and features you might want to try to test drive inside your creation tools if you haven’t already.