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One Awesome Mail Extension For Mac Users

There’s a million ways to handle your email these days.  I’m more of a customized solution type of fellow and have many different domain names and emails addresses I need to handle and I need to reply from that specific email account.

Moreover, I spend the majority of my time at a proper computer terminal working, a workstation.  Not only that but I’m often working late and I wasn’t wanting to email my clients at 2am when I’m finishing up performing work on servers (off peak hours).  I wanted my clients to get that email update first thing as if I was sending it at 10am the following morning, after I was up till 3 working, yea… right… not going to happen.  Guess what… it happens every day now.  

I did a little searching online and found Chungwasoft. That’s where things got beautiful.  The price tag is $10 and it’s well worth it.  Let me explain how it works.

Send Later by Chungwasoft

I was looking for a mail scheduling app.  So I could write my emails whenever I wanted and send them at a specific time.  Something Boomerang handles in gmail but I needed it for Mac Mail, my primary email client for business email.

You install this little lego blog of mystery for your Mac Mail client and it doesn’t add all these crazy things or a million buttons you need to learn and figure out the functionality of.  It doesn’t give you insane popups begging you to buy other software.   Chungawasoft do prompt you to check out more software but you can click “Don’t Show This Again” and you won’t be bothered, nice.  After using this piece of magic I might see what else Chungawasoft has though.


All it does is add this little icon when composing a message… which once pressed unlocks the power of Send Later.  but once you press that little button the real magic happens.  It’s almost imperceptible but so powerful.

Click It And Unlock The Magic

You write your email and click that little paper airplane with a clock and you’ll be confronted with and means to your end… in this case… scheduling my emails.


To be perfectly honest,  I just wanted to schedule my emails at a specific time.  It does that beautifully.  But what I ended up loving is the Time Distance feature.  I find myself using that often so I can just “Send in 15 Minutes”.  It’s actually saved me!  I forgot to attach a file… no more of that.  Went right back in and attached it once I snapped.  that email was just sitting in my outbox waiting to send.  I fixed it and look sharp to clients… not like forgetting stuff.

Thanks Send Later!  Right on time.

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