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Simply Good SEO For Long Term Website Growth

Why Simple SEO Tips?

If you’re a small business owner, you’re running your own website and publishing yourself or at the very least directly supervising the publication of content I’ve got a few simple SEO tips for you.  They may sound rudimentary at first but there’s some gold in them there hills, I can assure you.  Some of the smallish things I’m about to detail aren’t just good SEO they’re time savers too.

You Need To Read Further For Two Fundamental Reasons:

  1. There Are Not Shortcuts, Magic Bullets, or Secret Codes To Rank #1
  2. Content Is King Today

You’ve got to publish and publish relevant to your industry, bottom line.  But here’s how to make your time or money worth it or atleast get more bang for you buck and keep it simple.

Delegate to A Professional Where Possible

I’ve found that most small to medium-sized businesses like to handle their own content writing.  This isn’t always the best ideas in my opinion but not all businesses see the value in having a solid commercial writer tap great content out quickly and efficiently for them.  Go figure.  There’s even really low-cost solutions for that too, I’ve even found some really great content writers on Fiverr that are well worth the meager cost they charge.  They’ll usually give you an article at about 400 words for 5 bucks.  I’ve rarely had to ask for revisions.  Usually I just need to tell them, “Looks Great” (especially for 5 bucks) and give them a good rating.  You can even get better deals if you don’t just buy one article.  I usually buy one first, test them out, and then if they perform… bang… they got some work all the sudden.

DIY Writers (Like Me!)

Well, there’s never anything like reading an article from a seasoned professional and sometimes the content you’d like to cover in your articles requires some deeper knowledge of your industry than you can ask for from a general content writer.  We all run into that.  But for general articles, consider a writer.  If you’re doing it yourself and talking to a specific group just follow these basic rules when writing an article.

  • Keep it At least 400 Words
  • Give your document Some Structure
  • Use Regular Ol’ Elementary School Grammar

OK… Let me elaborate just a little so I drive home my real point.

Many seo plugins will actually do a word count for you, besides scanning for keywords and give you a little flag if you’re article is too short.  The SEO plugin I use, SEO by Yoast, which I consider to be one of the more elegant and functional, gives you this little flag.  Here’s a quick screenshot of what this handy extension is scanning for while I’m actually typing this post!

A look at the Yoast SEO Analysis
Consider Upgrading To The Paid Version, It always Worth The Modest Prices For Professional extensions Like SEO by Yoast.

You’ve got to use an SEO extension.  As you can see from the chart above there are far to many factors for one person to weigh, but here’s the kicker.  After you use the extension for a while, you’ll start picking these things out on your own & becoming aware of these issues as you’re typing, it really trains you to think like an SEO expert.

 Good and Simple Grammaring

Ok… I know you don’t grammar an article, it’s not a verb.  But I needed a way to offend & at the same time invoke your attention to detail.  I see way to many business owners and business staff members way over-use the formatting toolbar within their content management systems.

Wordpress Formatting Toolbar

The formatting Tool Bar is doing a lot of things behind the scenes you may not know about if you’re not a coder or have little interest in code.  Secretly, It’s trying to provide your article with a structure the search engines will understand, not just make it prettier.

I highly discourage doing these things:

  • Overuse of  heading tags (H1, H2, etc.).  These are for section headings, like in a text-book or any large article.  ONly use them like that and not to just “make it bigger”.
  • Overusing Quotes – Quotes have specific grammatical usage, don’t just put quotes around something because you’re saying it in your mind.  Use quotes like they tought you in grade school.  Plain and simple.
  • Don’t Make A List but Not Use the Order or Un-ordered Lists Feature

Don’t Shoot Yourself In The Foot

You spend all this time making this beautiful article…. you went through the article bolding everything and italicizing entire paragraphs and then changing the color of all the text to be something different, right… You’re shooting yourself in the foot.

If you’re doing that you’re crazy.  The text on your website should display exactly the way you’d like without all that using basic structural elements.  When you overuse the formatting toolbar you’re destroying a clean document structure and making it increasingly difficult for search engines to determine if your website is a spam site or just created by a novice, either way… you’re making it tough on yourself and destroying some the integrity and hard work you put into writing for your business.

I think some website owners are doing the to try to give their article a personal touch or some style.  The style should be in your website and conveyed in your message, not contrived by elaborate typographical treatments that usually fall short of what you’d intended.  Keep it simple and focus on writing not formatting.

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